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Soviet-Afghan war: the catalogue of lists

Updated: May 1

This will be the list of all lists related to the Soviet-Afghan War - a big index guide to find links for all those things related to the conflict. It is not complete now - and, most likely, it will never be complete. Yet, we will try to categorize at least everything that is available in this blog, but external links might also be added.

Soviet-Afghan war: the catalogue of lists

Books from our publishing, related to the Soviet Afghan War

There are not that many book available, at least yet, but they are of the highest quality accompanied by outstanding photographic work. Check these out!

Uniforms, weapons and equipment of the Soviet Afghan War

The most useful links for any reenactor are under this category. We have made lists of all the smaller, personal items of the Soviet-Afghan War. Each of the lists has links to the items which we have already managed to describe in detail.

Food, alcohol and other pleasures of the Afghan War

Where does one end up without relaxing? Soviet soldiers were not different from the rest of us - and had similar needs and habits.

Structure of the Soviet-Army in Afghanistan

This list will be a bit wider than just Afghanistan - since many structural things did not change for the Soviet Army on deployment.

Medicine in the Soviet Army

Units of the Soviet Army in Afghanistan

The 40th Army, which was fighting in the Afghanistan, had plenty units under its command - everyone apart from the Navy was represented.

Everyday life of a regular Soviet soldier in Afghanistan

War is not just fighting, and an operation like it was in Afghanistan for the Soviets was, for many, fighting with boredom.

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