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Military uniforms book

Books that describe the life of soldiers, weapons and military uniform have a special place in the literature related to various military operations. There are many book about military uniforms that are devoted to stories about the military uniforms of military men. You can find them in our catalog.

Books of military uniforms from the past


The history of development of uniform military gear dates back to the 17th century. In the nonfiction literature, it is emphasized that the uniform of the military men always resembled civilian clothes. Civil fashion played an important role in its formation and evolution as well. In each era, it could be distinguished by certain features (some details have remained till the present day in the form of a symbolic ornament). 

The book about military uniforms also narrate about the following:

  • why and how the war started in different countries across the world;

  • in what conditions the military forces fought against enemies;

  • what equipment was used by the armed forces of different countries, etc.

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Tones of photos and illustrations of the real uniform and army equipment 


In order to be able to distinguish its army from the enemy armed forces, each country tried to develop single-color clothing or use special distinctive elements, head wear, scarves, ribbons, etc. Moreover, previously, just like now, in almost every country there were many types of military gear for different occasions, namely:

  • parade walking-out dress;

  • everyday uniform;

  • combat uniform;

  • special (working) clothes;

  • sport uniform.

Military uniforms were also divided depending on identity: clothing for land forces, air, marine, highly mobile landing forces, etc. You can see photos of all types of military gear in books with military uniforms that can be purchased on our website.

You have not seen so many images on that subject for sure! They are presented from different perspectives, black and white and color, single and collective. 


These images are of high quality, that’s why each item of clothing, footwear, and head wear can be examined in detail. Most of the photos were taken at a time when this or that uniform was relevant. That’s why the readers will be able to fully enter into the spirit of that era.


Our Military uniforms books are based on the stories of veterans and documentation

All military uniforms book historical are real. They were taken from archives, scientific literature, eyewitnesses and veterans of military actions. In our books with military uniforms you can find information, which is accompanied by photos, on the following:

  • male and female military uniforms of all time;

  • head wear (this includes wedge caps, budenovkas (pointed helmets), flat round fur hats, peaked caps, ear-flapped hats, visorless caps, helmets, steel pots, gas masks, etc.);

  • belts (for example, during the Soviet era, soldier and officer belts, army gun holsters, aiguillettes, and shoulder belts were used);

  • shoulder marks and special military rank insignia;

  • military footwear, etc.

Both ordinary readers and specialists in the field of science can find suitable literature in our catalog. We offer favorable prices, top-class service and convenient way of payment for and delivery of books.

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