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Soviet afghan war books

There have been a lot of Soviet afghan war books published. Writers name it many ways: "secret", "longest", "youngest", "undeclared"... Though, they all agree on one thing – this confrontation caused a lot of grief, sacrifices, forever left pain in the hearts of the parents, relatives and friends of soldiers killed in the battle.

The life of the belligerent nation is displayed, the greatness of their feat is conveyed, and deep patriotic feelings are revealed in the books on Soviet Afghan war on our website. Their authors raise different issues: the role of this war in human life, the issue of moral choice, the fate of a woman and children, who became hostages of circumstances during the war, conflicts between countries and social communities, etc.

In our catalog you can find books about the Soviet Afghan war of any genre and years of print.

Only real historical events in our Soviet Afghan war books

We present the best non-fiction literature, which describes the rough wartime with the maximum authenticity. Book authors realistically tell about the following:

  • the invasion of enemies and the creation of a conflict, which happened between the army of Afghanistan and the paramilitary forces of the mujahideen;

  • the participation of the USSR, soldiers of which were involved in the outbreak of the civil war and became its active participants, in this conflict;

  • the end of the occupation (how the warpath ended). 

Many authors of the books that are included in the catalog also try to answer the "eternal" questions: what is the current attitude of Russia regarding these hostilities, did this war really cause the collapse of the Soviet Union, and is it true that the Soviet Union intentionally invaded the territory of Afghanistan?

Photos of real uniforms soviets soldiers and mujahideen

Apart from realistic stories, our books contain many photos of real participants of these hostilities. This allows one to better visualize the contents and mentally immerse oneself as much as possible in that difficult wartime, see the photos of military uniforms of the participants in the confrontation, what weapons they used, in what conditions they lived and fought. Also on our website there are books about military uniforms.

Real stories from veterans about Soviet-Afghan war

The books that you can purchase on our website are not fiction. They were written based on the stories of veterans of the Soviet-Afghan war, who shared their experiences, told about the different situations they faced during the battle against the enemies. 

We offer a wide choice of books that are based on real events. They will leave an unforgettable impression and cause many emotions, help answer those questions that are still open for you, allow you to "plunge" into history and understand how it actually was.

Each edition is accompanied by a short annotation and a photo. Thus, you can quickly find what you are interested in. Choose the option you like in the catalog – and enjoy an exciting pastime. You will surely want to re-read over and over again the books purchased from us.

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