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Military history books

Any changes of the political and geographical maps of the world occurred mainly as a result of wars. Military actions always occurred between tribes, peoples, countries or social classes within countries. Armies recaptured foreign territories, defended their own territories, combined or formed coalitions. These greatest events changed the course of history. Therefore, artists, musicians or writers could not overlook them. At present there is a large number of books military history that you can purchase on our website. 


Our military history books focus on uniform and equipment from the 20 сentuary


Nonfiction books on our website will be an excellent solution for those who are interested in various historical events, in particular, military facts, persons, uniforms, weapons, and equipment of different armed forces. This literature will help you unravel the truth about various events, conduct research, understand and reconsider the consequences of military actions and form your personal opinion about the actions of military commanders and politicians of those times.

Particularly noteworthy are the books on the military uniform and equipment of the 20th century. Thanks to these books, you can become familiar not only with the military gear that was worn at different times of the year and on different occasions, but also with military equipment and weapons of that time (machines of the navy, land forces, aviation, small arms and cold weapons, ammunition supplies). Also on our website there are war books non fiction.

Find out about the daily life of soldiers from the armies of the past

Our books narrate about the following:

  • biographies of prominent military commanders, military leaders, politicians and ordinary soldiers;

  • accurate information about the secret work of various security services;

  • stories about a soldier's life in the field;

  • stories about what the military servicemen ate and how they rested.

Only reliable information from veterans and official documents

Our military history books  contain a lot of documentary evidence and facts that allow us to obtain reliable information regarding the following:

  • well-known historical events;

  • military conflicts and operations;

  • history of the creation of weapon equipment and weapons;

  • chronicles of decisive battles.

These books also contain reflections and scientific researches of historians, as well as memoirs of eyewitnesses, battle participants and prisoners of concentration camps. This literature is based on real events. Thus, it can even be used for scientific purposes and for research.

Our catalog contains a great range of military literature. You can purchase books for yourself or for a gift. They are made in a lovely binding out of high quality paper. Here you can purchase publications on phaleristics, photo albums with images of real combat veterans, books about uniforms and much more at favorable prices.

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