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Green AK - the pride of the Soviet Border Guard!

One of the most praised and simultaneously rarest AK there is - the one with Soviet, factory made, green bakelite stock and handguard. It is considered as the peak unobtainium item for the collectors, just because so few of them were produced and almost none left the Border Guard units ever since. In this article we will cover the topic - the history of this rifle, who it was intended to and the current state in the collectors world.

This article should be considered as a promotional material for the upcoming PV KGB book, which we are working on right now. Check it out!

Green AK
Green AKM in museum

History of the green AK rifle

When AKM was in full production, the ongoing perpetual desire to improve the assault rifle or decrease the production cost was following all engineers at the plant. Since mid-60s a lot of effort was put into creating plastic furniture for the main soviet rifle, but it was never cost effective and was never produced on mass scale. Even in the 70s the desired price was not met, and hence the majority of the Soviet made AK-74 rifles were equipped with wooden parts. But there was one notable exception.

Green AK
M.T.Kalashnikov in a border guards unit giving a speech

Modernized AKM assault rifle 1974 - this assault rifle has a stock, handguard, and pistol grip made by pressing from glass-filled plastic (fiberglass), painted green with a special dye. Later, additional magazines for these AKMs appeared, also green. Such assault rifles were manufactured in small quantities at the Izhevsk Arms Factory and awarded to the best soldiers and border guards. The ceremony for presenting these weapons took place with the participation of M.T. Kalashnikov.

The scale of issue of green AKM rifles

These fancy new plastic covered green AKM rifles were reserved for some very few chosen men. The best border guards were issued with these assault rifles as a challenge prize for excellence in their line of duty.

Green AK
Green AN-94 Abakan - whaaaat?

On the initiative of Komsomol members and youth of the Izhevsk Arms Plant, AKM assault rifles were produced with the engraving “To the winner in the socialist competition from M.T. Kalashnikov,” which were first presented on January 24, 1973 in Moscow at a rally of Komsomol members and youth of the border guard service members. Assault rifles were presented to the delegates of each border district. Since that time, the best of the best border guards were doing their duty at the state border with presented weapons, competing for the right to own them.

No other branches of armed services of the Soviet Union were ever commemorated with anything of sorts. There were banners, medals and other memorabilia. But something as cool as a special AKM with engravement was reserved specifically for the border guards.

The sole fact that these rifles were only assigned to the border guard unit personally by M.T. Kalashnikov made them the most desirable prize not only for the members of the PV KGB, but also for the modern day collectioners.

Green AK
Green AK-74 in Lviv border guard post, Ukraine

Possibilities to obtain green AK

I don't want to disappoint anyone, but the original green AKM or AK-74 rifles are unlikely to be available on the market ever. They were produced in absolute tiniest numbers, they are still praised by the border guard districts which they belong to and it is known of very few of them to ever get out of the armories and into the wild.

On a more positive note, there are some replicas and some of them look good. So, if you actually want a copy of the border guard prize AKM or AK-74, you can, without too much hustle, make one at home. It is likely that we will have to do this for our upcoming book on PV KGV.

Every time I go out to guard the state border, I can’t help but feel excited, because behind us there are millions of Soviet people, relatives and friends. They trust us and hope for our vigilance.
Green AK

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