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Early war memo for Soviet soldiers stationed in Afghanistan

I found this interesting piece of documentation. It was issued to soldiers and junior officers of the Soviet Army units which were stationed in Afghanistan. To better understand how Soviet administration was working with their subordinates, the translation of this document is added in this blogpost.

Later in water, the famous "comic book memo" was printed and issued to soldiers. The transcription of it will be added later on

Remember that knowledge of the manners and customs of the Afghans will help you win their favor, will make it difficult for the reactionary elements who will try to use your every mistake to arouse hostility among the people of Afghanistan towards the army and the country that you represent.
Soviet warrior!
When dealing with Afghans, try to show your respect for them. Afghans are very hospitable, but do not abuse their hospitality. If an Afghan invites you to visit his house, then do it only with the permission of the commander.
In the house of an Afghan Muslim, women are in a separate half; they do not appear in the presence of strangers. Don't try to get into the women's half of the house. A man in a conversation usually does not mention his wife. Therefore, in a conversation with Muslims, one should not inquire about the health of his wife. Being in settlements, do not look into the yards, through the windows. Many Muslim women wear a veil. Any attempt to look into a woman's face, lift the veil is considered a great insult by Muslims.
Soviet warrior!
While in Afghanistan, strictly follow all the prescriptions and advice of doctors. Remember that Afghanistan is unhealthy in terms of health. Always carry a water bottle with you. Do not drink from ditches, canals and other bodies of water - they are often a breeding ground for infectious diseases.
Soviet warrior!
When in Afghanistan, be especially vigilant. Do not make unnecessarily acquaintances with unknown persons. Remember that enemies can use them to collect intelligence about the Soviet Army, to discredit Soviet soldiers. When you are in a city or town, strictly follow the instructions of the Soviet military commandant's office.
The motherland entrusted you with a noble and honorable mission - to help the working people of Afghanistan defend the gains of the revolution, to ensure the peaceful construction of a new life.
Be always and in everything worthy of this great mission. Hold high the honor and dignity of the Soviet soldier, the warrior-liberator, the warrior-internationalist.
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