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Non-fiction War Books

Non fiction war books allow not only to plunge into history, feel the spirit of the time, but also to analyze accurate information regarding the specifics of the conduct of certain military actions, learn the dates and real participants of the conflict, understand what caused the beginning of the confrontation and how everything ended.

Non fiction war books that are describing real events from the past


For many years, scientists were collecting reliable information in archives, communicating with eyewitnesses, studying the data of participants of military actions, and secret documentation in order to write the most realistic non fiction books about war. They reflect all historical realities, namely:

  • how the conflict was generated, how it developed and how it ended, where and when the battles took place;

  • how the soldiers and ordinary people lived during military actions;

  • what weapons, equipment and strategic plans were used;

  • what were the uniforms of the army, what military decorations were awarded for the achievements of the army men. 

If it is interesting, then look at the section of the historical war books.

Books based only on trusted information from official documentation and stories of veterans

Autobiographical beginning is the main feature of non-fiction literature, which describes different military times. Therefore, war books non fiction are used not only for personal purposes in order to become familiar with certain events, but also for writing thesis papers, monographs and other student and pupil works that require the use of reliable information.

Popular science literature, which describes specific battles, will be also of interest to historians. These books contain detailed description and comprehensive studies of the tactics and strategies of each of the parties to the conflict. They also provide reliable information on the number of soldiers who took part and were killed, description of equipment, and detailed description of all stages of the battle.

Contains many photos of authentic uniforms and army equipment

The books on our website are not only filled with real biographical facts, events and dates, but also lavishly illustrated with black-and-white and color photos that were taken during the war. Thanks to them, it will be much more interesting and exciting to read autobiographies and memoirs, become familiar with documents, archival data, and stories of battles. The reader will be able to plunge into a particular era, feel the warring spirit and make his objective appraisal of military actions. You may also be interested book of military uniforms.

We sell a wide range of popular science books, the authors of which are both domestic and foreign writers. In case if you don't know what you need yet, our sellers will advise a good book and help you place your order. Contact us and we will provide you with the best service! 

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