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In this section you can see the books which are either already published or are about to be printed.

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We have a number of topics that we are working on. Explore the upcoming books and ensure to sign up so you do not miss them when they go live! 

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Welcome to the Safar Publishing website. Our team specializes in high quality books on uniforms, firearms and equipment. While military related topics are by far of the biggest interest to us, we are currently assessing a number of projects not strictly related to military, but on handsomely presented collections in general.   


What started as a single handbook for reenactors back in 2021, has now become a publishing house. We focus on, but are not limited to, guide books with the top precision historical impressions of particular units in particular conflicts or historical periods. 


All our books are based on an excessive amount of research and well placed collections. The reader sees a visual representation of the military surplus collection and all the research done around it in each book. We also pay a big deal of attention to the physical appearance of our books. On photo-quality paper, our work is lavishly illustrated in full color and presented in a beautiful, modern manner.

In terms of topics covered, we are trying to choose less represented conflicts and periods. This is dictated by the current group of authors and our background, but we are always happy to welcome new creators for future collaboration. What is important to remember in these challenging and chaotic times, is that our work focuses on historical investigation and recollection rather than glorifying weapons or violence.

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