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The Soviet small arms of the Atomic Age is the second volume in the newest book series from Safar Publishing, which comprehensively examines the arsenals that the Soviet Union developed and deployed.


The Soviet Army did not particiapte in any conflict on a large scale after the end of the Second World War. Because of that, the period between WW2 and Afghan War is very understudied. Uniforms, equipment, vehicles and weapons of the early Cold War are not well known and therefore open a large field for the research. 


This book covers most infantry weapons that were issued in the Soviet Army at the time - from leftovers of the Second World War to the newest developments of the Soviet armament industry. 


Soviet small arms of the Atomic Ager covers the following categories of weapons used during the period:

  • Pistols

  • Sniper rifles

  • Automatic rifles

  • Machine Guns

  • Grenade launchers 

  • Heavy weaponry


The manuscript is elegantly formatted in a modern fashion and lavishly adorned with high-quality photographs printed in full color on photo-grade paper. 


For individuals interested in firearms and in the history of the Soviet Army - this is an indispensable reference.


The volume spans 400 pages.

Soviet small arms of the Atomic Age

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