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Update on projects - May 2024

Hey guys, I decided it is time to update you all and keep myself on track of what is going on in our publishing house. Because there are a lot of project revolving around and we are just trying to pick up the best ones and work on them for quick completion. I promise to make this a tradition and write regular updates on the projects at least every quarter!

To make sure you receive updates on the new projects - make sure you press the "Notify when available"

Soviet Weapons of the Afghan War

As of 6th of May, 2024, we are in the final stages of proofreading the book. It did take us a little longer than expected, but this is all in favor of a much better end product. And it will be quite something!

Photography is now complete - we have managed to cover the absolute majority of all arms used by the Soviet Army during the Afghanistan campaign. As added bonuses, we have included sections on bayonets, hand grenades and disposable grenade launchers.

6x5 bayonet

We are planning to put this book into printing no later than July 2024. It will take around 6 weeks to print and couple more weeks to reach warehouses. It is estimated that most Kickstarter backers will get their copies by the end of October. For those who has not participated in Kickstarter campaign - the pre-order (at a reduced price!) will be available from the end of May.

Notes of the Ukrainian Reconquistador

This is the first attempt for our Publishing House to produce a text-based book. Don't worry - it will still have period photos from the author, of his wartime adventures, but the core of the book is actually in the writing. It is a story of a simple guy, who volunteered when the big war came to Ukraine.

ukraine war

The book is about a simple soldiers' life - you will not find James Bond type of adventures there, but you will get an idea of how it feels to sit under artillery barrages and watching out for FPV drones 24/7.

This book will be in A5 format, around 200 pages long. The planned retail price is around 20-25 USD. The book is now written, although not in English - it will take us some time to proofread and translate it. We do hope to put it in printing alongside the Soviet Weapons of the Afghan War and have it in stock by the end of Summer 2024. However, since we are aiming for high quality product, we might need a bit more time to polish it.

Red Alert: Structure and Uniforms of the Soviet Infantry Regiment

This is going to be the third flagman book from Safar Publishing house. Following the same format as the Uniforms and history of the Soviet Airborne in Afghanistan, it will, however, be a way more detailed manuscript. Soviet Army of the Cold War is a vastly understudied subject and we are hoping to fix this, at least to some extent. The book will cover many of these gray areas, answer a lot of questions and bust many myths. It will, of course, has all the basic info on the Soviet Army - from the schedule of a regular day for a conscripted soldier to more specific questions, like how one would become a Warrant Officer. Subjects like weapons, uniforms and equipment will be covered in greatest details.

In terms of terms and dates - we estimate to start the Kickstarter campaign for this book as soon as first backer will receive The Soviet Weapons of the Afghan War, so, approximately late September. The book production will take place this summer, at least the bigger part of it - we are working on bulk of photos and texts right now. So, we are expecting to this book to hit the shelves by the end of 2024. This might be too optimistic, so take this prediction with a grain of salt.

The Soviet Soldier of the Atomic Age and Soviet small arms of the Atomic Age

These are the most anticipated books by me, the author - I am just too curios about the period. Being even more understudied and largely forgotten by the public, it is, nevertheless, the most interesting one. It was this era when Soviet soldier was armed better than literally any counterpart, but at the same time wore some ridiculous clothing and equipment which were obsolete even for the concept of the Second World War.


The weapon book will be of the same format as The Soviet Weapons of the Afghan War, while the uniforms book will generally follow the pattern of the Red Alert book. The weapon book is mostly ready, but we will probably release both of them simultaneously, as they cover two sides of the same topic. The release date can not be predicted now, but we are looking at late spring 2025.

Other books

As you know, there are quite a few more projects we have in the works. Unfortunately, we have to prioritize. Most of the projects are either on hold or are in very slow progress. But things can easily change - if we get a breakthrough in the research or if we get new people into our team we change the production schedule.

And as always, if you have a suggestion or, even better, want to publish with us - do not hesitate to get in contact!

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